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Artist Submissions

Artist Submissions - Showcase Your Masterpiece – Art In Print Awaits Your Talent

Turn Your Passion Into Prestige – Submit Your Art to One of Scotland’s Premier Galleries

Albrecht Durer - Fine Art Giclee Paper

What Sets Art In Print Apart?

  • Reputation: Benefit from our celebrated presence and renowned expertise in the art industry.
  • Diversity: Join a dynamic collection where traditional meets contemporary, and every style has a home.
  • Quality: Rest assured that your artwork will be presented in the highest quality, be it framed or unframed.
  • Support: Experience our exceptional customer service that is as devoted to your success as you are.
  • Reach: Enjoy Free UK delivery and worldwide shipping options to broaden your audience.

  • Albrecht Durer - Fine Art Giclee Paper

    Why Bring Your Art to Us?

  • Visibility: Gain exposure on a prestigious platform known for its curated selection of remarkable art.
  • Recognition: Join a community of respected artists and enjoy the prestige of being associated with the Art in Print name.
  • Marketing: Benefit from our marketing expertise designed to highlight your work and elevate your profile.
  • Partnership: Leverage our extensive network of art collectors and aficionados eager to discover their next great piece.
  • Growth: Utilize our feedback and mentorship opportunities to refine your craft and expand your artistic potential.

  • Unlock the door to a world where your art is not just seen but celebrated. Art In Print is a platform that bridges the gap between exceptional talent and an appreciative audience. With a history rooted in over 30 years of art expertise, we are not just a gallery; we are a canvas for your creative expression.

    Albrecht Durer - Fine Art Giclee Paper

    What Kind of Artwork do you Produce?

    Art In Print welcomes a diverse range of artwork submissions that can be reproduced as high-quality prints for selling to art enthusiasts and collectors. The different kinds of artwork produced and printing include, but are not limited to:

  • Open Edition Prints: These prints are produced without a set limit on the number of copies, allowing for widespread distribution and accessibility.
  • Limited Edition Prints: For artists looking for exclusivity and collectability, limited edition prints offer a finite number of signed and numbered copies, creating a sense of rarity and value.
  • Giclee Poster Prints: High-quality digital prints that replicate the artist's original work with fine detail, using archival inks and papers for longevity and vibrancy. More affordable and informal, posters can be a great way for artists to reach a broader audience.

  • Albrecht Durer - Fine Art Giclee Paper

    How do you present prints?

    Mounting and Framing of a Picture: Mounting refers to the process of adding a border around the image with mounting card which prepares it for framing. Framing then involves placing the mounted artwork in a frame that complements the piece and suits the client's decor style. probably offers different finishes for mounted or framed works, which may include different types of glass, frame materials (like wood or plastic), and mounting options to enhance the visual appeal and protect the artwork.

    Below are some examples of how we can offer finished products for artists:

    Canvas Framing and Stretching: When it comes to canvas artwork, framing can involve a couple of techniques:

  • Stretching: This is the process by which canvas is stretched over a wooden frame (stretcher bars) to provide a taut surface for display. The corners are carefully folded and secured, often leaving the sides of the canvas visible, which can be a part of the artwork's visual appeal (gallery wrap).
  • Box Framing: Sometimes, stretched canvases are further framed with a "box" or "floater" frame, which gives additional structure to the piece and can create a visually appealing border around the canvas.
  • Finishing Options:

  • Print Only: This option is likely for clients who prefer to handle mounting and framing themselves or have different specifications not covered by standard services.
  • Mounted: A great way of presenting prints. Ready to pop into a frame. This option gives a much tidier and more luxury feel to a rolled paper print. We offer mounting services for all colours and thicknesses of mountboard, complete with cellophane wrapping, ready for sale.
  • Framed: Professional framing services that match the artwork to the perfect frame, complete with all necessary hardware for hanging.
  • Boxed Canvas Framed: Canvases that are already stretched and framed, ready for display without additional framing needed.
  • The gallery offers options to produce prints either unframed, mounted, or fully framed, in any size up to A0, as per the artist's or buyer's preference.

  • Artists and buyers can expect that their work will be treated with care and attention to detail, with a focus on quality presentation. has expertise in delivering finished pieces efficiently and can provide worldwide shipping options. Whether customers are interested in open edition prints, framed art, or something more special, has a range of options to meet various needs.

    When submitting artwork for printing and selling through Art In Print, artists can be confident that their work will be handled with respect and professionalism, using up-to-date technology for mount cutting and frame making to maintain quality at maximum output. Additionally, as a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, Art In Print adheres to industry standards that ensure the integrity of reproductions and the satisfaction of both artists and buyers.

    If you create art that fits within these categories, or if you have a unique style that you believe would resonate with our audience, we invite you to submit your work for consideration. Art In Print is dedicated to bringing a wide array of artistic talent to the marketplace, and we look forward to the opportunity to share your creations with the world.

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